Travel tips and tales from a couple seeking exotic lands and ocean adventures

Hey thanks for stopping by! Here you will find a little more about Remote + Afloat and Claire & Nick, a couple of travel, adventure, snorkel and dive addicts from London.

How it all began

Sauwandarek Raja Ampat West Papua snorkel
Snorkel face: Satisfied smiles post dive at Sauwandarek in Raja Ampat, West Papua

In 2017 we made one of the hardest decisions of our lives. We chose to give up our sensible and structured way of living, to follow our desire to travel. We stepped outside of our comfort zone in search of untouched nature, turquoise waters, lush jungles, misty mountains and some of the worlds finest coral reefs.

After discovering our love for the ocean during a holiday to the Maldives back in 2011, we made it our mission to explore some of the best snorkelling and diving destinations the world has to offer.

In September 2017 we took this obsession to the next level by making a life changing decision to break away from the usual constraints of two 30 something year olds living in London. We packed our bags and headed straight to South East Asia for the adventure of a lifetime.

Pulau Gam Batu Lima homestay Raja Ampat
We take our time, and when we really like a place, we stay.

So far we have been to some pretty far flung places, as we avoid the well trodden path at all costs. Where the tourists are, we are not. We like to experience the world in all its raw natural beauty, and truly immerse in our surroundings.

Our aim is to:

  • Discover true hidden gems away from the tourist trails
  • Help preserve the world precious coral reefs
  • Engage in authentic cultural experiences
  • Experience nature and beauty in unspoiled surroundings
  • Snorkel + dive pristine coral reefs
  • Live a more fulfilling lifestyle

Help us save coral reefs

Citrus Reef, Save the Reef

Our travels have inspired us in many ways, but they have also opened our eyes to some stark environmental issues. After exploring the worlds richest coral reef regions over the past 2 years, we now understand more than ever how delicate these ecosystems really are.

Citrus Reef

Coral reefs enrich our lives culturally, spiritually and recreationally… but they are in fast decline. This realisation has motivated us into doing something to help protect them. In April 2019, we launched Citrus Reef – a socially-driven online store offering a unique collection of ocean jewelry and gifts.

Every Purchase helps

Through the sale of our ocean-inspired collections we are dedicated to giving back 10% of all profits to coral conservation, and have chosen to partner with the amazing Coral Reef Alliance a non-profit organisation who are global leaders in coral reef protection and restoration.

Get 20% Off

If you care about ocean conservation and would like to help us save coral reefs, head over to Citrus Reef to find out more AND enjoy an exclusive Remote + Afloat readers discount of 20% off your first purchase with code REMOTE20 at checkout.

About us

10 facts about Claire

About Remote and Afloat travel blogger

  1. She has travelled to all of these places: England (birthplace), Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Egypt, Maldives, America, Canada, Barbados, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  2. From 2010 – 2017 she lived, breathed and loved London life as Head of Sales at Shaun Leane, one of the worlds most esteemed jewellery designers.
  3. By nature she is not the most adventurous soul, and quitting her job to travel was the hardest (but best!) decision of her life.
  4. Claire grew up in Henley on Thames but always considered herself as more of a towny. Now she lives somewhere between Essex and a backpack, but feels most at home on a desert island or the Central Line.
  5. Aside from a love of jewellery, her other obsession is anything related to tropical island life. Beaches, bikinis, being tanned, etc.
  6. She loves to encourage and help inspire others by offering travel advice, and telling tales of her journey thus far.
  7. Learning to dive was one of her greatest fears, but it has fast become one of her biggest passions and life achievements.
  8. Her two favourite TV shows are Peep Show and the US Office. She could watch each series back to back, and on repeat indefinitely.
  9. Claire is officially addicted to Raja Ampat. She once dreaded the thought of going there and even tried talking Nick into removing it from their itinerary. Now it’s her favorite place on the planet.
  10. She loves a boogie, especially to cheesy old school RnB, and once (rather embarrassingly) choreographed an entire routine to Snoop Dogs ‘Drop it like it’s Hot’

10 facts about Nick

About Remote and Afloat Nick Argent travel blogger

  1. He has travelled to all of these places: England (birthplace), Wales, Belgium, Sweden, France, Holland, Maldives, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Philippines and Barbados.
  2. Nick Argent is a graphic designer. He has been freelancing now for almost 12 years and has worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Ford, Urban Outfitters and Selfridges. You will often find him glued to his Mac even whilst travelling, including places with little or no electricity
  3. He runs 6 miles every sunrise, and is currently in training to climb and summit Mount Rinjani, Lombok.
  4. Nick is half Malaysian, half English. He was born in the East End of London but now lives out of a backpack somewhere between Essex and South East Asia.
  5. He’s had the same haircut for 23 years, and has no plans to change it anytime soon (stick some orange robes on him, and he’d pass as a buddhist monk)
  6. His passion is snorkelling and diving in tropical seas. Nick once snorkelled for 4 and half hours straight, taking sugary snacks secured inside a waterproof phone case for extra fuel.
  7. Nick is extremely allergic to pollen. He also hates the heat, yet all his favourite places tend to be in hot and humid countries.
  8. Nick absolutely loves food, and can both cook and eat at a frightening pace. Some of his favourites include ham and mustard crisps, peanut butter, tandoori chicken, cheese, tartar sauce, his Mums spicy Malaysian curries…and ice cream.
  9. He loves comedy, and is a huge fan of Sean Lock, Bob Mortimer, Lee Mack, Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan, David Mitchell and Micky Flanagan.
  10. He’s got a bit of an obsession with mini pigs and would love to have one of his own one day. His favourite sea creatures are sharks, mola mola and any type of frogfish.

What travel means to us

Raja Ampat Beser Bay homestay
Moments of reflection

This journey has given us the opportunity to stand still, to pause and appreciate life. We don’t know exactly where our next stop will be, and 6 months has already turned into 2 years. That’s fine with us though, because the feeling of an unknown future isn’t one of fear or doubt anymore, but more of freedom and peace – Which we believe is the ultimate gift of travel.

Destination Guides

Travelling to unfamiliar places, far from your comfort zone can be a challenging and daunting task. But if there is one thing we’ve learnt for sure: The hardest journeys always lead to the best destinations.

When you are looking to reach lands less explored, often it can be difficult to find specific travel information, but our guides are here to help!

Would you like to get inspired and learn more about where we’ve been?

Begin your journey