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How it all began

Sauwandarek Raja Ampat West Papua snorkel
Snorkel face: Satisfied post dive surface interval on a sandbank in West Papua

In 2017 I made one of the hardest decisions of my life. I chose to give up my sensible and structured way of living, to follow my desire to travel. I stepped outside of my comfort zone in search of untouched nature, turquoise waters, lush jungles, misty mountains and some of the worlds finest coral reefs.

After discovering my love for the ocean during a holiday to the Maldives back in 2011, I made it my mission to explore some of the best snorkelling and diving destinations the world has to offer.

In September 2017 I took this obsession to the next level by making a life changing decision to break away from the usual constraints of a 30 something year old living in London. I packed my bags, sold my belongings and headed straight to South East Asia for the adventure of a lifetime.

My aim is to:

  • Discover true hidden gems away from the tourist trails
  • Help preserve the world precious coral reefs
  • Engage in authentic cultural experiences
  • Experience nature and beauty in unspoiled surroundings
  • Snorkel + dive pristine coral reefs
  • Live a more fulfilling lifestyle

Help save coral reefs

Citrus Reef, Save the Reef

My travels have inspired me in many ways, but they have also opened my eyes to some stark environmental issues. After exploring the worlds richest coral reef regions over the past 3 years, I now understand more than ever how delicate these ecosystems really are.

Citrus Reef

Coral reefs enrich our lives culturally, spiritually and recreationally… but they are in fast decline. This realisation has motivated me into doing something to help protect them. In April 2019, I launched Citrus Reef – a socially-driven online store offering a unique collection of Ocean Jewelry and Ocean Gifts.

Every Purchase helps

Through the sale of our ocean-inspired collections we are dedicated to giving back 10% of all profits to coral conservation, and have chosen to partner with the amazing Coral Reef Alliance a non-profit organisation who are global leaders in coral reef protection and restoration.

Get 20% Off

If you care about ocean conservation and would like to help us save coral reefs, head over to Citrus Reef to find out more AND enjoy an exclusive Remote + Afloat readers discount of 20% off your first purchase with code REMOTE20 at checkout.

Destination Guides

Travelling to unfamiliar places, far from your comfort zone can be a challenging and daunting task. But if there is one thing I’ve learnt for sure: The hardest journeys often lead to the best destinations.

When you are looking to reach lands less explored, often it can be difficult to find specific travel information, but my guides are here to help!

Would you like to get inspired and learn more about where I’ve been?

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