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Cheap eats in Sanur: Traditional budget food in Bali

If you’re travelling on a budget to Bali and hoping to try some traditional food, then look no further than our list of cheap eats in Sanur! After spending a year on the island, we’re pretty well versed in seeking out hidden gems and great local eateries. Here we’ve complied a list of our favourite places for delicious and authentic Indonesian food in Sanur, which won’t cost you a fortune.

The best cheap eats in Sanur

It can be quite a challenge to find cheap eats in Sanur, especially since the area has been long established as a tourist hub. Most restaurants offer a fusion of Western and Balinese dishes, which of course you pay a premium for.

If you are looking for more authentic and affordable Indonesian food in Sanur, then it is better to eat where the locals eat – at Warungs, which are rustic local diners serving traditional dishes.

Not all warungs are cheap eats

In Sanur, more upmarket establishments also name themselves ‘warungs’ – yet their atmosphere and menus do not reflect local prices or attract local people, making it more difficult to track down authentic and affordable Indonesian food in Sanur.

The good news is, we have compiled a list of the best local warungs to help you figure out the difference between the actual cheap eats in Sanur, and the ones which are just targeting tourist.

Warung Jawa – Moro Seneng

No.55 Jl. Danau Poso
No.78, Sanur
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Cheap eat plate of padang food in Sanur
Warung Jawa Moro Seneng is possibly our favourite cheap eat in Sanur.

Warung Jawa Moro Seneng is ridiculously good value for money. We typically pay between 15-30k for a huge plate of food! This price includes an enormous glass of refreshing Es Teh.

Warung Jawa Moro Seneng is THE place for cheap eats in Sanur! If you’re a budget traveller like us, this warung will have you coming back for breakfast, lunch and dinner… we love it so much that we drive all the way from Ubud just to eat here!

Their Javanese-style home cooking consists of a huge variety of dishes served throughout the day. There are many types of curries and meats, omelettes, tofu, tempe and vegetarian dishes, delicious fresh vegetables, stir fries, noodles, eggs, you name it, they have it!

With such a wide range of dishes to choose from, you could probably try something new every time you dine at this Warung in Sanur (I honestly doubt that no two of our meals have ever been the same!) However, we can highly recommend the delicious chicken curry pedas (hot) and the crunchy deep fried beef. We also struggle to resist their corn fritters and stewed veggie dishes.

Warung Jawa Moro Seneng is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is usually a long queue of both locals and discerning westerners (attempting to make the difficult decision of which dish to choose) However service is fast, since there are always lots of staff behind the counter ready to plate up, who will ask whether you wish to ‘makan sini’ – eat here or ‘bungkus’ takeaway.

If you eat in, you will be given a ticket with the price and pay for your meal after eating, which we think is a nice touch. Warung Jawa Moro Seneng opens up to the road, and offers very rustic seating. They also sells fruit, veg and piles of Indonesian snacks such as homemade crisps & cakes. In our opinion this is the best Warung in Sanur.

Rumah Makan Sari Bundo Jaya

Jl. Danau Poso No.6
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Cheap eat plates of padang food in Sanur
If you can’t decide what to have, try eating the local way ‘hidang’ style!

We usually pay between 25-40k per person, including Es Teh at only 4k IDR per glass.

If you are hoping to find some of the best Indonesian food in Sanur then you must give Rumah Makan Sari Bundo Jaya a try. Considered a local institution in Sanur, it is easily one of Bali’s staple Padang restaurants. Padang food originates from West Sumatra, and is typically cooked in the morning and then stacked on multiple plates on display in the window of the restaurant. Padang food consists of rich curries, fried seafood, omelettes, jungle veggies and lots of delicious spicy sambal!

Typically in Bali, the main source of protein is either Chicken or Pork and generally Beef can be hard to come by. So whenever we eat Padang food, we cannot resist the Beef Rendang – and the Rendang at Rumah Makan Sari Bundo Jaya is amazing! The depth of flavour and intense ingredients bursts with every chew. Expect to taste signature Indonesian spices such as nutmeg, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass, pepper, lime and turmeric.

Rumah Makan Sari Bundo Jaya is a local Indonesian-style restaurant, therefore the environment is simple. There are two styles of eating Padang food. The most popular way is called ‘Pesan’ where you get a plate of rice and select the dishes that take your fancy from the window display. ‘Hidang’ on the other hand, is quite decadent and more common when dining as a family or in a group. Many dishes will be brought to your table, so you can choose multiple options and only pay for what you eat.

Keep in mind that Rumah Makan Sari Bundo Jaya is a Muslim restaurant, therefore we recommend dressing appropriately i.e. don’t turn up looking like you’ve come straight from the beach (which you may well have since its only a stones throw away!)

Juicy and Crispy

Jl. Tirtanadi No.5
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Juicy grilled chicken with chips in Sanur
Juicy and Crispy in Sanur lives up to its mouthwatering name!

1 Whole Grilled Chicken 80-90k IDR | BBQ Pork Spare Ribs 70k IDR | BBQ Chicken Wings 45k IDR | Nasi Goreng with Chicken or Pork 26k IDR | Es Jeruk 18k IDR

If there is one thing we’ve noticed while living in Bali, it is that they do love their chicken!! Whether its goreng or bakar, Ayam is a firm favourite. I can’t resist roasted chicken, so whenever we spot a rotisserie we usually stop to pick one up, and this was how we discovered Juicy and Crispy in Sanur! The speciality here is their delicious whole barbecued rotisserie chickens, with a recent addition of ribs.

Personally, we’ve only ever sampled the chicken, but have heard rave reviews about the ribs at Juicy and Crispy. The special J and C rub is to die for, and we can confirm that the chickens are indeed juicy and crispy. The baked potatoes are also great. Overall, Juicy and Crispy is perhaps a little bit more expensive than what we would normally pay for Indonesian food in Sanur, however the taste factor more than makes up for this!

There is a relaxed covered dining area at Juicy and Crispy in Sanur. The owners are super friendly, and even offer a pick up and delivery service. Usually we take ours to go, but if you did want to dine in, the atmosphere here is very welcoming and quite lively. Juicy and Crispy is tucked away along one of the side roads of Sanur, and is only a 5-10 minute walk from the centre.

Nasi Pedas Sanur

Jl. Hang Tuah No.36B
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Cheap eat plate of Nasi Pedas
If you like spicy food, why not try Nasi Pedas Sanur?

Typically we pay between 30-40k IDR each, including drinks.

Why choose KFC around the corner, when you can hop across the road to Nasi Pedas for some cheap eats in Sanur instead! This local hidden gem is a fusion of Javanese, Balinese and Padang style home cooked food. Expect to see different meat curries and fish dishes everyday, but always the same traditional sides such as boiled fried eggs in hot chilli, crispy tempe, stewed jungle vegetables, crackers, nasi and of course, sambal.

I cannot resist their crispy fried Indonesian chicken, however their creamy fish or chicken curry is also great. The tempe here is spot on, and I love their spicy green bean salad. The rice and signature homemade sambal is a great combo when spooned onto kerupuk crackers, dipped in kecup manis – just the way the locals like it. Without a doubt this is some of the best Indonesian food in Sanur that we’ve eaten.

Nasi Pedas Sanur is a small and simple warung, tailored mostly towards locals in Sanur. We stumbled upon this place while staying at a homestay close by. Expect the usual Indonesian table set-up of cutlery in a plastic pot, napkins, kecup manis and baskets of home cooked crackers.

Warung Pantai Indah

Jl. Danau Buyan
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Eating on the Beach in Sanur
Cheap eats on the beach in Sanur can be hard to come by!

Ayam Goreng Saos California 60k IDR | Ikan Kari 60k IDR | Large Bintang 40k IDR

There is a mixture of cuisines available at Warung Pantai Indah including some Western, and some Indonesian dishes. The Ayam Goreng Saos California is their speciality, which is delicious fried chicken with a tangy tomato sauce and onions. There is also freshly grilled seafood available, and some other cheap local dishes including staples such as Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng.

I personally love the fish curry with vegetables at Warung Pantai Indah, and the portion sizes are great. I wouldn’t say that its necessarily the best Indonesian food in Sanur, but thats mainly because there is some pretty stiff competition! We also really enjoy stopping here for a refreshment on the beach, their fruit smoothies are delicious.

It can be tricky to find cheap eats in Sanur. Restaurants on the beach are overpriced, which is a shame because the beach in Sanur is a great place to chill. Although Warung Pantai Indah isn’t necessarily ‘cheap’ by our standards, it is one of the best value and genuine warungs in Sanur if you want an affordable meal by the beach. Here, you’ll find rustic seating right in front of the ocean. Feel the sand between your toes and sip on a cold drink while watching the sun go down over Sanur!

Know any other great cheap eats in Sanur?

If you liked this post and want more advice about budget food in Bali why not check out our cheap eats in Ubud as well?

As long-term travellers we love discovering the cheapest eats around. Not just because we live by a very strict budget, but also because we enjoy spending time in local places. Food and dining has to be one of the best ways to experience a countries culture – especially in South East Asia, since it really is a way of life. What are your favourite food culture experiences and why? Comment below!


  1. Thanks for the GREAT advice. Much appreciated. I had discovered Juicy & Crispy myself, but none of the others.

    Looking forward to trying some of your reccomendations.



  2. Hi guys,
    I have to say I tried almost every place which you recommend and food was absolutely gorgeous !! Best Nasi Campur I have ever had (went beck there three days in a row 🤭) !
    Thank you very much for this post! Xx

    1. Wrong post, I got lost in reading your blog 😁

      Anyway I have tried places you recommend in Ubud. Once again thanks 🙏🏻

      1. Hi Ania – It’s so great hearing your feedback and happy you enjoyed the food – especially the nasi campur, we also eat there frequently when we are in Bali. It’s a true hidden gem! Thanks for commenting :) All the best – Nick & Claire

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